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Any Questions?

How do I file a claim?

Complete an accord loss notice and email to claims@specialtyis.com.

Do I need a diligent effort form or surplus lines disclosure?

Surplus lines disclosure is needed UNLESS the risk is residential property, residential multiperil, or commercial residential property, in which case you would use a diligent effort form.

What companies do you represent?
  • Lloyds of London
  • Evanston
  • Conifer/White Pine
  • Penn America
  • Founders
  • Proassurance/Midcontinent
How do I bind a new policy or renewal?

Send an email request to the underwriter requesting to bind.

How do I pay?

Mail your agency check or premium finance draft for the NET amount to: Specialty Insurance Services PO Box 5517 Jacksonville, FL 32247

Can I make installments?

We can only accept payment in full or premium finance.

How do I get certificates?

Please email your underwriter for certificates.

When will I get a binder and invoice?

Binders and invoices are usually sent the next day after policy is bound. We do not produce binders on Conifer or White Pine business because their policies are available next day. Please keep in mind that we can only invoice inside the month that the policy is effective. So, for instance, if you bind an April effective policy in March, we will not invoice until April.

What documents will you mail me?

Direct notices of cancellation will be mailed to the agent, insured and any additional insured, such as mortgagee. This is the only notice that is mailed. All other correspondence will be emailed, and only sent to the agent.

What are inspection recommendations?

When the inspection is reviewed by underwriting, if there are any recommendations by the inspector or if anything appears to be contrary to our guidelines, we will send the agent a notice with recommendations that these items be repaired within 2 weeks. If we have not heard from the agent in that amount of time, we will send a follow-up memo. And then if we have not heard from the agent and/or the items have not been repaired, we will issued direct notice of cancellation.

Can I renew with a lapse?

Please contact the underwriter for a case by case review.

How often do you need an updated inspection or application?

We require an updated inspection every 3 years. We also require an updated application every 3 years, unless there has been a change to the policy, such as a name change or increase in coverage.

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